Utah Stands Behind Lesbian Foster Parents

November 14, 2015 3:34 pm  |  Comments: 0  | Views: 5683

A lesbian couple who happened to be foster parents were heartbroken when a Utah judge ordered the 9 month old baby under their care removed from the home so they could grow up in a traditional and healthy environment. However, the problem with the order was it went against state law which doesn’t discriminate against same-sex couples working in the foster care system. Thankfully, justice has prevailed.

The entire ordeal unfolded earlier in the week when Judge Scott Johansen ordered that the nine month old child in the care of the married couple be placed with a heterosexual couple because he didn’t believe in gay marriage. However, due to the Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage across the United States, his judgment was technically illegal.

However, this Friday the judge nixed the order and stated the baby could remain with the couple although he made sure to state his views on marriage and child rearing were right and the Supreme Court was wrong. Thankfully, the law and the state disagree. The couple was planning to sue and even had the state of Utah behind them in what was looking to be an ugly legal battle, but that has now been avoided.

Hopefully, this decision will set a precedent for future foster care cases within the state.

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