The 30 Best Places to Live in America

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The 30 Best Places to Live in America

The 30 Best Places to Live in America

Sources: Business Insider 


  • Dave Ecker says:

    Looks to me like another story to fill space- maybe fake news. I live in California and they call several areas in the state as being great areas to live in.The state may as well be a communist gulag with Brown and the socialist idiots in control. The cost of living is the worst in the country and jobs are hard to find except maybe Mcdonalds. The idiots have sanctuary cities like LA and San Francisco where illegals thrive. The state is a mess only to get worse.

    • Constituion 1 says:

      You should move. It sounds like Cardo Neck found just the place for you – below the Mason-Dixon line, I’ll bet!

  • Cardo Neck says:

    I totally agree with the resident above who lives in CA. As an expatriate of the most populace and surely, the most Liberal administration out of the 50, with unions, which by and large, are in control of Gov. Moonbeam, and his administration. Having bowed to the panderings and giveaways for votes programs in effect, said unions while surrendering their own common sense, feel that they are ‘the’ entitled and this is indeed their mantra. When I moved from the west coast, a.k.a. the “Left coast” to the east, I was asked why I’d made such a move, my response was just one word, “California”. Well over 50% just nodded their heads knowingly. You may think that above 50% ‘only’, is low, but remember; there is a large slice of our population that thinks that the President of the US at the time of WWII was Abraham Lincoln!

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